Thursday, July 01, 2004

My June Reads

Great reading month although I hit a slump near the middle to end of the month. My highlight reads are starred.

1. Lady Defiant-Suzanne Robinson. (Historical Romance-Elizabethan) A+. Lovely story and characters who win your heart. (Roguish hero)
2. The Kissing Gate-Fiona Carr. (Historical Romance-Regency) A+. I really liked the writer’s style and it was enjoyably sensual. (Plump heroine)
3. The Perfect Wife-Jane Goodger (Historical Romance-Edwardian) A. Good book but I found some of the interactions between h/h annoying. (Ex-plump heroine)
4. Rightfully His-Tracy Grant (Historical Romance-Regency). A. Good read but a little slow at times. (Friends to lovers)
5. *Almost Like Being In Love-Christina Dodd (Contemporary Romance). A+. Another winner by a favorite author of mine-passionate, deep, compelling. Two characters that you want to end up together. (Tortured heroine)
6. *Lawless-Diana Palmer (Contemporary Romance). A++. Wonderful, excellent, engrossing. I could not put it down. So in love with Cash Grier. I almost rooted for him to end up with Crissy more than I did Judd. Can’t wait to read Renegade. I’m actually buying a hardcover  (Marriage of Convenience, Secondary character steals the show)
7. England’s Perfect Hero-Suzanne Enoch (Historical Romance-Regency). A+. Loved it. Robert is one of my favorite types of hero, tortured. Glad that things work out for him. (Tortured war hero, Beta hero)
8. *For The First Time-Kathryn Smith (Historical Romance-Regency). A++. One of those books you want to read again right after you finish. Definitely on my list of favorites. I really liked the h/h and wanted them to be together. And I like how it was sort of a forgone conclusion that they were meant for each other. Devlin really saw the beauty in Blythe, in a way that no one ever did. He had a bit of the tortured hero too. Very touching book. (Plump heroine, Tortured war hero, Beta hero)
9. Ben Morgan’s Mistake-Victoria Aldridge (Historical Romance-Victorian set in New Zealand). A. A compelling read that I couldn’t put down. Very interesting h/h. Not exactly the typical. Hero was definitely of the anti variety. Interesting look into the history of colonial New Zealand. You really don’t know if the h/h will get together until the last page. (Amazing heroine)
10. The Abduction of Julia-Karen Hawkins (Historical Romance-Regency). A. Good read. (Marriage of convenience)
11. *Playing By The Baby Rules-Michelle Celmer (Contemporary Romance-Silhouette Desire). A+. I really liked this book. It tugged at my emotions in a way that few short reads can. Very much an emotional journey and featuring two people who’s love and caring for each other came right off the page in its intensity. Definitely recommend. (Friends to lovers)
12. The Bridesmaid’s Reward-Liz Fielding (Contemporary Romance-Harlequin Romance). A-A+. I enjoyed how much the hero really admired the heroine despite her flaws. He was most interested in her regaining her self-esteem instead of losing weight. Bravo! (Plump heroine, A hero to die for)
13. A Belated Bride-Karen Hawkins (Historical Romance-Regency). This is the sequel to The Abduction of Julia. A. I was a bit disappointed with this one as I was looking forward to reading Lucien’s book. But it was pretty good. Had some really funny moments and I admired the heroine for her resilience in some really tough circumstance). (Plumpish heroine, Reunited lovers).
14. The Viscount Who Loved Me-Julia Quinn (Historical Romance-Regency). A. Very funny but also poignant.
15. To Marry The Duke-Julianne MacLean (Historical Romance-Victorian). A. Complex characters with three-dimensionality. Sensual and compelling. I admired Sophia for her willingness to stand by her choices and fight for what she believed in. (Amazing heroine)
16. An Affair Most Wicked-Julianne MacLean (Historical Romance-Victorian). A-A+. Sensual, interesting characters. Both are flawed but they are fighting their way back from their falls from grace. Interesting twists. Loved it.
17. A Game of Scandal-Kathryn Smith (Historical Romance-Regency). A-A+. Very emotional and poignant. Although there was a lot of I love you, I hate you gymnastics, I could see why because of the painful history between the characters. (Reunited lovers. Beta-ish hero. Plump heroine).
18. Rafferty’s Bride-Mary Burton (Historical Romance-Western, Harlequin Historicals). A. Nice, quick read.
19. *Fantasy Lover-Sherrilyn Kenyon (Contemporary Romance-Paranormal). A++. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!! Wonderful book. I fell in love with Grace and Julian and wanted them to have a happy ending. Great history with some cool twists on mythology. I didn’t want it to end! Must Read! (Plain Jane Heroine, Hero To Die For).
20. *Seduced-Pamela Britton (Historical Romance-Regency). A+ My first book by this author. I was very impressed. She’s hilarious, but also capable of great poignancy. Definitely fell in love with the h/h. The end of the book has a great twist. Must Read.



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