Sunday, July 04, 2004

I watched Spiderman-2 yesterday and I was totally feeling Peter Parker. He is in a terrible place in this movie. He is feeling overwhelmed on all sides. He is feeling like the world is falling apart. He keeps getting fired from jobs because he's chronically late, he is not doing well in school because of missing class and not having time for homework. He can barely pay his rent, and his friends are angry at him. Mary Jane doesn't understand why he can't be there for her. Aunt May feels disconnected from him as well. The problem is that his mission has overtaken his life. I feel that because that's where I am. My life is overwhelmed by obligations. Demands of people at work and at home. But he can't tell them why he seems like an unreliable person. He's too busy out there fighting evil. Isn't that more important? Not to the people who think you let them down personally. Poor Peter. He had a great journey to undertake. One of self-discovery. I am personally on that same journey. I was sitting in the movie theater and thinking that the writer wrote Spiderman-2 just for me!!! It's a great movie. Full of action, character driven, and emotionally wrenching. The villain was incredible-menacing, possessing motivation, and dramatic enough to have a comic book flare. Personally I liked Dr. Octopus much more than the Green Goblin. The Green Goblin was more annoying than anything else. Dr. Ock was scary but also sad in a way. He wasn't a paper tiger. He was a villain that could have easily killed Spider Man except Spider Man was meant to prevail. Tobey Maguire's acting was incredible. He was able to pull off the Peter Parker aspects and the Spider Man elements too. I cried for him, cheered him along, and struggled along with him. Sam Raimi did an excellent job with this movie and did what we all hope for, making a sequel that is better than the first movie. Definitely check it out! I'm glad that I didn't buy the first movie yet, because I can now buy the two pack in a few months. Yay.


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