Sunday, July 04, 2004

I have always liked to read older books, because of my love of history and days long past. I read Louisa May Alcott's books, Edith Hamilton's Mythology, Jack London's White Fang and Call of the Wild, All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot, C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and others, including those I read in class and enjoyed. However, I am endeavoring to read more classics. Part of the reason is because I want my period stories to be authentic in writing style. Also I think there are a lot of great classic stories out there that I haven't read. I am particularly interested in classic horror and adventure stories. Here is my list, not in alphabetical order:
1.Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott
2.Dracula by Bram Stoker
3.The Last of The Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper
4.The Invisible Man/The Time Machine by H.G. Wells
5.Selected Stories of O Henry
6.Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
7.Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson
8.The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Stories by Robert Louis Stevenson
9.Selected Short Stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne
10.Collected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe (I'm a big fan)
11.The Signet Classic Book of American Short Stories
12.Best-Loved Short Stories of Nineteenth-Century America
13.King Solomon's Mines/She/Allan Quartermain by H.Riger Haggard
14.Tales From The Arabian Night Collected by Andrew Lang
15.The Lord God Made Them All by James Herriot
16.All Things Great and Beautiful by James Herriot
17.All Creatures Wise and Wonderful by James Herriot
18.The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien
19.The Two Towers by JRR Tolkien
20.The Return of the King by JRR Tolien
21.Mere Christianity by CS Lewis
22.A Grief Observed by CS Lewis
I probably will take some time to read these as I tend to gravitate towards romance books most of the time. But we shall see...


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