Sunday, July 04, 2004

I finally watched Kill Bill. I was great! Let me tell you, I am not a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino. But he made one heck of a movie. It was amazing. Uma Thurman did a great job. I can totally see why she got an Oscar nomination. You can see that QT is definitely a lover of movies. If there was a genre that he enjoys, he put in the movie, but it made a lovely collage that was definitely stronger for the sum of its parts. The blood was a bit over the top, and that was one of the reasons I hesitated watching it, but it could have been worse. The scene that would have been really bad was in black and white so that it wasn't too excessive. I loved the swordplay, because that's my thing. Put a samurai sword and a good swordsman/woman in a movie and I'm there. Uma was a natural with the action and swordplay. And my girl Lucy was splendid as always. There were some great characters in the movie. Some were almost over the top and some played to excellent precision like Lucy Liu's O-Ren Ishii. I liked her bodyguard, the young and psychotic Gogo. That was a great fight scene. As was the scene with Lucy Lui. My other girl Vivica did a great job too. After the scene in the kitchen I knew was going to like the movie. Definitely the best scene was when The Bride takes on the whole Crazy 48's yakuza and kicks some major A@$. And then she tells the ones that are still alive that they can leave but they have to leave their body parts that they lost behind. All I can say is DAMN!!!! I love a kickass heroine. I guess there was no way I wouldn't like this movie despite QT's tendency for bad language. Can't wait to see the next installment. Definitely have to add them to my collection.
I give this one an A+++!


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