Monday, March 23, 2009

Transport 3 Fits the Bill

Let's face it, I am a fan of Jason Statham. So that helps me to like a movie significantly. But I don't love all his movies. I did love this one. I admit was I was disappointed at Transporter 2. Pretty disappointed. I was prepared to be disappointed again. But I was not. This movie was lush and atmospheric. The music really added to the beauty of it. It has the European feel that I love about movies like the James Bond films, The Professional, La Femme Nikita, and Hitman. I wasn't sure about the female co-star who played Valentina at first. That's because I loved Jason paired with Shu Qi in the first movie so much. I was still frowning when she started getting that look in her eye when Frank was kicking butt bare-chested. The same look I get when I watch those scenes. I was thinking stay away from Lai's (Shu Qi's character's name) man. I was telling myself he was going to get back together with her. But during the strip-tease scene, which was very nice, I started to warm to her. I do think that there was good chemistry between them. It mellowed me despite my intentions to dislike the romantic relationship in this movie. So I liked the romance, I loved the action, I thought the movie was beautifully shot. The plot is a bit thin, but I'm more than willing to forgive it because of the joy of watching Jason Statham do his thing and the Luc Besson feel to this movie. Plus we get to see The Transporter get a happy ending. On a superficial and completely boy crazy note, I must say the lovely Jason Statham is looking better than I've ever seen him looking in this movie, and he usually looks mighty fine to me. Oh, my yummy. Who said action movies can't be for girls? I will be going to get my copy of this lovely movie.



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