Monday, January 26, 2009

Movies I Saw This Past Week

On Saturday I saw Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. It was so good. I am glad that they decided to make this prequel because Lucian is just to intriguing a character to just ignore, and he is actually my favorite character from this franchise. Michael Sheen did a fantastic job and proves that he really is a great actor, and he's really hot too. He can do the popcorn movies (which I love) and the more serious movies also (I like a few of those too). I'd love to see this one again, and I am so buying it on DVD. I am a big werewolf fan, and I feel that they get the short-shrift in movies. They are usually the villains, or the movie is really bad and campy, or too gory to watch. This was a bad-A@@ werewolf movie. The special effects were good, but I felt it was also a character-driven movie. Michael Sheen carried this movie with no problems. As usual, I could not stand Viktor. I was very happy that Selene sliced his face after seeing this movie. He basically made things worse by being such a petty, cruel, racist tyrant, when his problems could have been solved by respecting the Lycan race for their strengths and instead of enslaving them. This movie wasn't that gory although it had blood. It was pretty watchable in that sense. Another plus because I am not a fan of gore. If you like werewolf movies (good ones, especially) check this one out. I'd love to see more intelligent, well done werewolf movies like this one.

I also saw Run, Fat Boy, Run, and it was funny and good. I really felt bad for Simon Pegg's character because he was dealing with his bad karma and self-hatred for leaving his pregnant girlfriend at the altar. I'm really glad that he decided to run the race because it gave him back his sense of self. So although this movie had its slapstick moments, it was also deep.



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