Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2009 New Years Resolutions (not in order of importance)

1. Watch more movies. I am rather ashamed to call myself a movie buff of late. But towards the end of the year I did a little better. I got this year off to a good start with Twilight. I think I will go back to keeping my movie-watching journal. Maybe this will help.
2. Take care of my health. I am not getting younger. I have a father who passed away of cancer, and a mother with chronic health issues. I want to live a long, healthy life, so I need to take care of this one body that God gave me.
3. Be more social. I am not exactly a social butterfly. I am a loner by nature. But no man is an island. I will try to go out more and socialize with other people (other than on the internet).
4. Cook more. Cooking at home is much healthier and you are often more satisfied. Plus I love cooking. So I will try to use more of my recipe books and do some homecooking.
5. To not let my job be my life. I need to draw back and look at work as just a part of my life. It's not my whole life.
6. Contribute more to society and the world. I will try to be better about donating my time and resources to worthy causes. I do recycle and try to be ecologically responsible. I will look for other ways to contribute.
7. Get my to be read pile down. I cannot lie and say I will stop buying books. Nor will I give away most of my books that I love. But at least I can try to read more of my books that I do own and think twice about buying just any book. I will try to come up with a list of questions to help me to be more responsible in my book buying habits.
8. Clean up the garage and get it organized. It really is a mess. I need to get the recycling done and go through some of my unwanted/unneeded stuff and take it to Goodwill.
9. Wash my car more often. My poor baby. She deserves it.
10. Submit a story for publication. It's worth it and I really want to be a published author. So I need to stop hesitating and go for it.
11. Blog more often. Blogging is so much fun and is very therapeutic. It's a great way to keep in touch with others around you. And it keeps one's writing skills nice and polished. Very good exercise in spontaneous writing.
12. Go to the gym/exercise more often. On the less active days at work, I will go to the gym and get back into my exercise routine. I feel better when I am well exercised.
13. Go to Great Britain in the next two years. The plan is to work on an early 2010 trip to Britain. I need to get planning!
14. Find and explore different ways to be creative, whether it's writing, cooking, building, gardening, or arts. I love being creative and I thrive off of it. I stifle when I don't have a creative outlet. I will make time for this so I can be fully self-actualized.
15. Figure out what I want in my life and go after it. Whatever it is I want.
16. Spend more time with my God. He is my life and sufficiency. Why do I stick him in the back of my closet?
17. Actually watch and enjoy my tv shows instead of them watching me or running off to do something else so much.
18.Home improvement. Work on doing stuff to keep my house up, and to improve my house. It's worth it. How can I be a renaissance woman if I don't work on this too?

Well, those are my 2009 resolutions. Lofty goals? Perhaps. Let see how this goes...



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