Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Life After Watching the Twilight Movie

It was a surreal experience watching Twilight. I have never seen a movie have more eroticism without a single moment of nudity. The scenes between Edward and Bella were almost embarrassing in their intensity. Their first kiss, oh my goodness, it was so hot. People have said that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had no chemistry. Well if they didn't have chemistry, then I don't know what chemistry is.

I must admit I was direly jealous of a seventeen year old girl. Boy would I love to have a guy as into me as Edward was. Edward adored Bella. And adored should be capitalized, italicized, underlined, and bolded. He was tortured by his love for her, and the knowledge that he should let her go. But he loved her enough to not want to turn her.

I admit that some parts made me giggle. It was more of a nervous giggle, I think, at the emotional intensity of the movie. And the thought that this was a movie for teens. Well this thirtysomething woman was touched in ways that few movies have touched me. I am an incurable romantic who usually does not like most romantic movies. But I loved this one. This movie is one that I enjoyed intensely and I imagine I could watch probably weekly, just to see the interactions between Edward and Bella. I am so buying it as soon as it comes out on DVD.

I also found the Cullen family fascinating. They are just so much fun to watch. They are so posh and almost inhumanely beautiful. I love their togetherness and their dedication to each other. I must give kudos to the casting directors and the actors. They really did a great job of playing vampires. No cheesiness, but very inhuman, yet in the guise of humans. And with excellent chemistry between the different actors who were part of the Cullen family.

I have heard people badmouth Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's acting in this movie. I thought they were excellent. Now I haven't read the book, but I intend to soon. And from now on, Robert Pattinson will be my Edward.

Did I mention I am deeply in loved, fascinated, enthralled with Edward Cullen? All day yesterday, as I went through the actions of my job, my mind kept coming back to Edward. The boy/man has taken my heart away from me. I am definitely in Team Edward. I love looking at him, and thinking about him. If you read my book blog, then you know I have a thing for stalkerific heroes. These are the heroes that are completely obsessed with their heroines. Well, Edward is the king of the stalkerific heroes. I thought Robert did an excellent job of showing how focused on Bella Edward was. He would come and watch her sleep, just because he couldn't bear to be away from her. Initially her scent drove him almost made with longing. Sigh!!!! Again, jealous of a seventeen year old.

Hopefully as the story progresses, they won't separate Edward and Bella too much. Those two belong together, and are made for each other. I think seeing them apart will be bad for my health.

My sister mentioned going to see it again at the dollar movie. I can't wait. I would love to spend another couple of hours lost in this wonderful fictional reality.



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