Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Great News for Deborah Simmons Fans

Deborah has a new historical coming out with Harlequin Historicals and is hard at work on Reynold De Burgh's story (great news for us De Burgh family fans). I am so happy. She is an excellent writer. Years ago, I emailed her and she said she was without a contract and that Harlequin did not want to continue the De Burgh books. I was very upset on her behalf, and also on her fans. I love the De Burgh brother series, and there were two stories left that were untold. Reynold is my favorite brother, surly and has a leg injury. You know me and those tortured/scarred heroes. So go out and buy her new book, The Dark Viscount, new if you possibly can. I have a subscription to HH, so I'll get it and won't have to do any work, other than check my mail and pay the bill. :)

If you haven't read Deborah Simmons, you should. She is great at combining humor, steamy sensuality, authentic language and setting, with pathos. Her characters come off the page and intrigue you. They are all quirky in different ways, just like a beloved friend or relative (you know what I mean. Not perfect, but you love them anyway). Her heroes are strong and sexy and masculine, and her heroines are unique in their own right (not all just picture-perfect, beautiful doll-type heroines) intelligent, independent, and always manage to make their heroes fall head over heads, despite their efforts to resist. Her medievals actually got me majorly into reading medieval historical romance.

I can't promise it will be easy to get all Deborah's books, but likely you will find yourself doing what I did after you read one or two of her books, going out and trying accumulating her backlist. You will probably have to do some work to get most of her books since they are probably all out of print except for her last two, A Man of Many Talents and A Lady of Distinction. I suggest checking or and I think you will do fine. I have ordered a lot of her books that way, and also by hitting the used bookstores.

She has written lots of Harlequin Historicals including the DeBurgh books. She has both regency and medieval romances in the Historicals line.

Some of my favorites are:


Maiden Bride
The Devil's Lady
Tempting the Wolf
The De Burgh Bride
My Lord De Burgh
Robber Bride

(all but Maiden Bride and The Devil's Lady are De Burgh books)

The Devil Earl
The Vicar's Daughter
Tempting Kate
The Last Rogue
The Squire's Daughter

She also has some short stories in various collections. The Knights of Christmas has the De Burgh father's story.
When I feared she would not publish anymore, I made a point of saving up some of her books that I haven't read. Some that I have in the TBR pile are:
The Gentleman Thief
Silent Heart
Fortune Hunter
A Man of Many Talents
A Lady of Distinction
Plus her Avon and some short story collections with her books.

But now that she's back in the game, I can knock those out.

Go on and look her up. I guarantee you'll appreciate reading her.

And a warm congrats to Deborah. I am so happy for you!


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