Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NCIS to the Rescue

Being stranded in a small town with little to do isn't much fun. I don't mean to complain, mind you. The motel only has so many channels, but at least it does have USA, and the fact that USA plays three, count them, three episodes of NCIS in a row every day was a real blessing. I fell in love with this show when I was in a similar situation last year.

Being out of town and staying in a hotel with nothing to do really does affect one's television viewing. Normally I am on the go so much and have chores to do when I get home, that I don't even get to watch my favorite shows regularly. But since I had nothing to do but go back to my room and watch tv, read a book, and check emails when I was on the road for 14 out of 52 weeks last year, I definitely did more tv watching last year than I have in a while.

I went there. I became a Law and Order: Criminal Intent fan (I always did have a thing for Vincent D'Onofrio. I cannot lie about that.) I watch Law and Order and Law and Order: SVU for lack of better things to watch (and get sucked in). I got sucked into Criminal Minds as well (Shemar Moore definitely helped with that). And I came to realize how much I truly love NCIS. It's a fun show but can be very intense. I did like it from the beginning but couldn't say I was sucked in like my mother and sister and my friend. The group is very cohesive and complement each other. The action keeps moving, and it's fun to solve the murders as you watch the episodes. I love the criminal investigative shows in general anyway. I went through the grieving process when Cait was killed by Ari as I watched a marathon in Denver on a Saturday. I realized how much I really like Ziva when I saw another marathon in Denver. I also watched it at home a few times when I actually got home at a decent hour. Each time I grew more captivated by this show. So when I see that it's on, I have to turn it there and watch. Even episodes I've watched a few times.

Right now I am watching the positively heartbreaking episode with Matthew Marsden when he is poisoned with thallium and they are trying to find out how killed him in advance. The episode just makes my stomach sink and tears to well at my eyes. He was such a lovely guy, and you could see how Ziva had no control over falling for him. And they would have made such a good couple. I guess I'm a masochist, because I can't turn it away, even though I remember how this episode affected me when I watched it in Denver last year.

I am definitely considering buying the show on DVD, although if USA keeps showing it, I should be good to go. I even got to watch four episodes yesterday because I watched USA and then it came on CBS. That was pretty cool.

My favorite characters in this order, are: McGee, Ducky, Ziva, Abby, Tony, and Gibbs. I liked Cait, but she was kind of annoying sometimes. She could be pretty mean and snooty to Tony, but I realize that it's just part of their dynamic. Gibbs is a grumpy, grumpy bear. But he's a badass. And his sense of honor and integrity is unshakable. He is like Horatio on CSI Miami. He doesn't stop until he gets his man. You can't help but respect him. McGee is just adorable. I have a fondness for nerds anyway, but I like him because he's got layers. He's grown in his time and gained confidence as he has been on the team for longer. He's very capable and is a genius with computers and finding answers. Of course he still gets picked on, but they all pick on each other. Ziva is just awesome. She is a dangerous woman, and I love those kinds of women characters. I also like how she gets her English missed up and says very risque things without realizing it. I love her dedication to her country of Israel, but her loyalty to NCIS. Ducky is adorable. He's so smart, and appealingly English and a bit old-fashioned. I like when he gets excited and goes on a tangent and starts talking about random things and Gibbs gets impatient with him. I like his assistant who was in From Justin to Kelly, although I can't remember his name right now. I wonder if he'll ever be a full-time cast member. Abby is unique and cool, and she's a genius. There's not a puzzle she can't solve. I love her fondness for soda and goth interests. She can get away with a lot more than the other team members when it comes to Gibbs. It was kind of odd how she and McGee were dating briefly but I never found out what happened with that. I probably just missed those episodes. Tony is funny yet he's all over it. His womanizing is a bit annoying, but it's just part and parcel. He does have sensitivity and is a kind-soul, and a phenomenal investigator. I hope that he and Ziva do get together at some point. I didn't like his girlfriend who was a doctor. Yuck! She was annoying to me.

I just felt a need to talk about my show as I watch this tv episode that kills me. At least they don't show Roy (Matthew Marsden) dying on screen, because I feel I would never recover. And then the reason why he gets poisoned is so pointless it makes it even worse.

Again, I want to thank NCIS for making these two weeks stranded in a hotel room in the middle of the Piney Woods more tolerable. I will be eternally grateful.



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