Saturday, February 07, 2009

Be Still My Beating Heart

I am just totally in love with Richard Armitage. It's so strange. I saw him playing The Sheriff of Nottingham, Guy of Gisbourne and I decided I wanted to have his children. He is so yum to me. He's not a pretty boy, but he's gorgeous. He is all man, but he's not macho type. To date I have not seen most of his work. The plan is to watch as much as I can. I bought North and South and I waiting for the right moment to immerse myself in him. I feel that if I watch this movie that other fans of his have raved about, I will truly be lost. I may even become a stalker of his. Heck, I'm even considering buying Robin Hood just to drool over the man. I don't even pay attention to Robin Hood, the hero of the show. No, I just pay attention to Richard.

I am reading a book called The Perfect Waltz. It occurred to me that its hero could be Richard Armitage. He's tall, brooding, dark, with grey eyes. I think Richard's are blue, but close enough. So I googled Richard and I found this incredible picture. After swallowing my tongue, I made it the desktop pic on computer. Here it is for your delectation.

Please save me from hormonal overload. I just adore the man. Enjoy.



At 11:10 AM, Blogger Andi Grant said...

I discovered Richard after watching North and South. He was great as the villain in Robin Hood. How he could make a dwarf hot is really NOT beyond me as his seductive powers can pass through any realm.

Black geek Girl too


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