Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank God It's Friday

I can tell you that when I woke up to the harsh, relentless blaring of my alarm, one of my first thoughts was: Thank God It's Friday. This week did go by fast, but it was painful. I hate getting up at 5 am (or anytime before 7:30am). I feel like I am getting more used to it, but it's still hard.
As I took my wake-up shower, I planned out my day and my weekend. My goal is to do as little as possible this weekend, catch up on my reading, emails, writing, and sleep. Hopefully I will achieve this lofty goal. Of course I have some shows on the DVR to watch that I missed this week, such as Fringe, Supernatural, CSI Miami, Prison Break, NCIS. The desire to watch these wars with the desire to lay on my bed and read. But I think I will have to spend some couch time this weekend watching tv. Also I need to watch Primeval. I missed it last week, and I did not get my dose of Nick Cutter (played by Douglas Henshall).
I seriously considered skipping my workout, but I know I won't go tomorrow or Sunday, so I will go home, change clothes, drop my work stuff, and go to the gym. The good news is it will be dead today since it is Friday. I love when the gym is kinda empty. Don't have to wait for machines and feel self-conscious because you are not a gorgeous, slender blonde girl.
It was a trifle cool, which is good when you are sleepy. I did not need the air conditioner, but kept the windows cracked. When I felt myself getting especially sleepy, I rolled the driver's side window down all the way and let a blast of what felt like frigid air come in. It definitely helps. So does singing along with the music.
I tell you what. No matter how old I get, I will always love Fridays. Even though I don't have the Saturday morning cartoons to look forward to, Fridays still have a charm. A big advantage is no work tomorrow. I am loving being off on Saturdays. It is a pleasure that I really missed. I work in veterinary medicine, so Saturdays are a big workday. People who have done the M-Fr work thing their whole careers do not realize how wonderful it is to not work weekends. Thankfully I don't have to work vaccine clinics at the nationwide veterinary practice which will go unnamed anymore, so Fridays are even better than they used to be when I had loads of angry clients wanting lower-priced preventative care for their pets to look forward to every Saturday.
So far, today is going well, and I hope it stays that way.
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