Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Is Here ( I found this picture on Flickr. It's by zwstr).

I am very excited that fall has arrived. It is my second-favorite season (after winter). Here are the things I love about fall:

  • The smell of autumn

  • The cooler weather

  • Halloween ( I love the inherent eerieness of dark, cool nights. I don't think Halloween being in the fall is a coincidence)

  • Thanksgiving

  • Knowing that Christmas is coming

  • The relief of the hot summer weather

  • More obligatory indoor time (for reading) yet it is cool enough to go outside and enjoy the outdoors

  • When I was growing up in Illinois, I loved the colors of the leaves. We used to rake leaves and dive into piles of them.

  • Wearing my cooler weather clothes like corduroy (I love it) and wool

  • Being chilly (I love being cold)

  • Fall foods like pumpkin, caramel apples, etc

  • The new tv season

I plan to enjoy the fall season. I am going to try to take some walks outdoors on the days I can squeeze them in. I also plan to get a pumpkin for Halloween this year. And making caramel apples is on my list of things to do. And I can finally start rearranging the mess that is my garage. It was too darn hot to do that in the summer. Once I get things more arranged, I can start working on building my bookcase.

How has my life changed since last year? A lot:

  • New Job

  • Different car

  • I was renting last year

  • I actually set up my room with, gasp, furniture

  • I have a garden planted

  • I started a few new hobbies as well

Well I just wanted to say I was happy fall was here. I will be keeping my scary story books close to me to read on the cool, dark, fall nights.


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