Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I saw Van Helsing on Sunday, May 9 and I loved it. It was a totally engrossing visual feast. I thought the acting was great, the story, and the special effects. It all combined to make great movie entertainment. I definitely want to see more of these movies. I would also like if they had some books based on the Van Helsing character. I think that Stephen Sommers never lost that magic that us movie buffs develop as a child and often lose along the way. I think movies that are dramas or character studies are great. But movies like Indiana Jones, The Mummy, and Van Helsing are also important. I went to Barnes and Noble and bought Bram Stoker's Dracula to read. I had started it years ago but didn't finish it. But I definitely want to. I don't want to leave that universe behind.
Well, anyway, on the radio they were saying the critics hated Van Helsing, and I can't fathom why. Oh well. To each their own. In my opinion, there wasn't a thing wrong. But I can tell you some things I liked:
1. Great hero-Hugh Jackman did an excellent job
2. Great heroine-Kate Beckinsale is a kick-ass heroine and had a great accent.
3. Great Dracula-Richard Roxburgh definitely personalized Vlad and made him sexy.
4. The Brides were sexy and scary!!!
5. Loved Van Helsing's sidekick, inventor chap, wonderfully played by the adorable David Wenham.
6. Wonderful sets!!!! So beautiful it was like being in another world.
7. Stellar special effects
8. Action sequences to die for
9. A human element and a great story
10. A cool twist on the old story.
Movies like this only come along once in a lifetime. So I guess I'll have to watch it a lot. Going to see it tomorrow.
great acccent



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