Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Sorry but I need to rant!!!!!
I just watched the sixth to last episode of Angel, and I am pissed.
Why oh why does poor Gunn have to stay in the hell dimension where he lives in suburbia and get his heart ripped out every day?
Hello! They need to go and get him, and I mean now!!!!
So he did a bad thing. Who the heck hasn't in the Buffyverse? I mean Willow flayed a person alive and tried to bring on the end of the world. What about the spells she cast multiple times on her fellow Scoobies. Buffy is the worst girlfriend ever! They should call her Buffy the Heartslayer. And let us consider Angel. Granted he did go to hell, but he did a lot of dirt in his day. What about the annoying kid sister Dawn? She deserves a little sojourn in Hell simply for being annoying. All I'm saying is that they need to go save Gunn. Alas, the body count grows....


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