Friday, October 15, 2004

Interracial Romances List

Let me tell you one thing about me. I love interracial romance. I guess it's because I was raised to be open-minded about those things. But also I have some ethnic diversity in my background: African, Irish, English, Scottish, Native American. I think love is not about color, it's about a soul-deep connection. And I love books that show this. So I have definitely pursued these stories. Here is a list of some that I have read and enjoyed.

  • Fate by Pamela Leigh Starr--very old fashioned, sweet love story
  • Renee' And Jay by J.J. Murray--hip but heartfelt
  • Three Wishes by Seressia Glass--soulmates finding each other
  • No Commitment Required by Seressia Glass
  • Gone Too Far by Suzanne Brockmann
  • I'll Be Your Shelter by Giselle Carmichael
  • Something Real by J.J. Murray
  • My Forever Love by B.A. Isachor
  • At Last by Lisa G. Riley
  • Against The Wind by Gwynne Forster
  • Once Upon A Blue Moon by Dorriane Cole
  • Passion's Journey by Wanda Y. Thomas
  • A Twist of Fate by Beverly Clark
  • A Risk of Rain by Dar Tomlinson
  • Rendezvous With Fate by Jeanne Sumerix
  • From The Ashes by Kathleen Suzanne and Jeanne Sumerix
  • Shades of Desire by Monica White
  • Somebody to Love by Kate Rothwell
  • The Horsemaster's Daughter by Susan Wiggs
  • The China Bride by Mary Jo Putney
  • The Heart of the Dragon by Deborah Smith

Books with Secondary Interracial Romance

  • The Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann
  • The Defiant Hero by Suzanne Brockmann
  • Over The Edge by Suzanne Brockmann
  • Sweeter Than Dreams by Olga Bicos
  • Fever by Katherine Sutcliffe
  • The Care and Feeding of Pirates by Jennifer Ashley

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