Tuesday, August 31, 2004

My British Actors

If you know me long enough, you know that I am definitely in love with the British, i.e. anyone or thing from Great Britain or the British Isles. So whenever I find out that an actor that I see in a movie is British, I get a smile on my face. Man there is something about a guy with a British accent. Have Mercy!!! God Bless Them. Here are some of my British actors that I adore. I will list their country in parenthesis. And just to clarify, some of these actors may have varying ethnicities but they are British because of where they grew up, trained in acting, or maybe even just because they have the accent :)

PS. For purposes of simplification I am including Ireland although only Northern Ireland is officially a part of Great Britain.

Not in order of preference necessarily.

1.Christian Bale (Wales)
2.Gerard Butler (Scotland)
3.Stuart Townsend (Irish)
4.Ioan Gruffudd (Wales)
5.Jason Statham (England)
6.Adrian Paul (England)
7.Orlando Bloom (England)
8.Christien Anholt (England)
9.Clive Owen (England)
10.Hugh Dancy (England)
11.Colin Salmon (England)
12. Joseph Fiennes (England)
13.Adrian Lester (England)
14.Dougray Scott (Scotland)
15.Matthew Marsden (England)
16.Ewan McGregor (Scotland)
17.Jason Isaacs (England)
18.David Thewlis (England)
19.Gary Oldman (England)
20.Anthony Hopkins (England)
21.Pierce Brosnan (Ireland)
22.Sean Connery (Scotland)
23.Richard Coyle (Wales)
24.Idris Elba (England)
25.Jack Davenport (England)
26.Alec Newman (Scottish)
27.Sean Bean (England)
28.Timothy Dalton (Wales)
29.Paul Bettany (England)
30.Robert Carlyle (Scotland)
31.Angus MacFadyen (Scotland)
32.Michael Sheen (Wales)
33.Cary Elwes (England)
34.Dominic Monaghan (England)
35.Billy Boyd (Scotland)
36.Stuart Townsend (Ireland)
37.Naveen Andrews (England)
38.Jamie Bamber (England)
39.Max Beesley (England)
40. Tim Roth (England)
41.Peter Wingfield (Wales)
42.Patrick Stewart (England)
43.Jeremy Northam (England)
44.Jason O'Mara (Ireland)
45.Peter O'Meara (Ireland)
46.James D'Arcy (England)
47.Colin Farrell (Ireland)
48.Alexander Siddiq (England)
49.Art Malik (England)
50.Peter Firth (England)
51.Colin Firth (England)
52.Roger Moore (England)
53.Anthony Stewart Head (England)
54.Hugh Laurie (England)
55.Terence Stamp (England)
56.Malcolm McDowell (England)
57.Jude Law (England)
58.Linus Roache (England)
59.Simon Pegg (England)
60.Ray Park (England)
61.Daniel Craig (England)
I'm sure I will find yet another Brit that I fall in love with soon enough, knowing me. So this list is constantly in flux.

And now you're probably asking yourself what about the guys from Down Under? Don't worry, I'll have a list for them later. I like them too ;)


At 9:45 PM, Blogger Silver Fox said...

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At 2:47 AM, Blogger Debs said...

Whoot! with you on these ones Danielle but shame on you, what's this Gerry's not in number one position! Come here Gerry darling I'll give you top billing (scampers) HEHEHE


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